What a Surprise
#33in 1961

Johnny Maestro born in New York City ( John Mastrangelo) on May 7, 1939. He began his career in 1957 as the original lead singer of The Crests, one of the first interracial groups of the recording industry. Patricia Van Dross, older sister to famed R&B singer Luther Vandross sang with Johnny Maestro during his tenure as lead vocalist with The Crests. After a string of hits, he left the Crests for a solo career. In 1961 What a Surpirse reached #33 on the Top 40. In 1967 he joined the Del-Satins. In 1968 he performed at a Battle of the Bands at Cloud Nine nightclub in Long Island. The Rhythm Method, a seven piece band backed him up. The preformace was so great that the next day it was decided to combine the talents of Maestro, the four Del-Satins, and The Rhythm Method. The new group's name came about after the General Manger of a talant agency made the off-handed comment that "it would be easier to sell the Brooklyn Bridge" than book the proposed 11-piece act. Johnny Maestro passed away in Cape Coral Florida on March 24, 2010.
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